About the project

Neverland is an independent not-for-profit local cinema in Rotterdam, that once every Monday ‘squats’ the ground floor space of Stokerij, as one of the current programs at Stad in de Maak!/City in the Making

As a small-scale cinema, Neverland is set up to bring people together once a week and to create discussions. The chosen movies are selected based on monthly themes deriving from contemporary subjects that concern me, you, us and could provoke a possible discussion, believing in the power of personal reflections through the beauty of exchanging different views. Rigorously kept in a simple, proudly unprofessional level.

A dimmed light, improvised chairs, sometimes hardly half filled, whereas other times not enough, hosting friends, friends of friends, strangers,  a modest screen which changes geography from time to time from one facade to another, an almost regular delayed time of screening, and spontaneous small chats after movie with a beer and a cigarette along the street of Pieter de Raadstraat, are the props that fill in an usual “nothing to do” Monday evening.

Feel free to join us every Monday 21.00′, and to suggest movies you crave to spread around.

Feel free to make it your own cinema!

An initiative of a small group of film lovers located in Rotterdam.

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